So You're Stuck in a Late 80s to Mid 90s Futuristic Action Flick

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So You're Stuck in a Late 80s to Mid 90s Futuristic Action Flick

Post  justjay - admin on Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:21 am

Watching a golden oldie right now. Demolition Man. Sylvester Stallone., Wesley Snipes, and hot ass Sandra Bullock. Shit, even Benjamin Bratt is in this one (you can catch him in A&E's The Cleaner on Tuesday nights at 10).

Man, I love cheesy futuristic action movies from the late 80s to mid 90s. So much great stuff out there. And if you're a fan, Demolition Man is a gem of the genre! Watch Stallone and Snipes spout cheesy lines and enact terribly choreographed fight scenes as they tear the crap out of the futuristic city! It never gets old! Pure Junk Food Video! And to keep myself busy, I wrote a little list while I watched it!

So you've woken up with amnesia in a foreign land. How do you know you're in the future world of a late 80s to 90s action flick?

(1) Are the cars really tiny and made of plastic?
(2) Does everyone dress the same?
(3) Are TV screens everywhere?
(4) Have the police lost control of the city despite having vastly superior equipment than we have in the present?
(5) Do people use weird, over complicated words to say very simple things?
(6) Is Rob Schneider walking around in the background performing physical humor?
(7) Is there a fascist, wealthy society who lives at the expense of some underground, anarchistic community that will at some point rise up and revolt?

If you can answer yes to at least half of these questions, you are indeed stuck in the future world of an 80s to 90s action flick. Stop what you are doing immediately and seek out the nearest reluctant hero charged with saving humanity.

Anyway, what about it -- anyone else out there love cheesy action movies?
justjay - admin
justjay - admin

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Re: So You're Stuck in a Late 80s to Mid 90s Futuristic Action Flick

Post  winklepitter on Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:33 pm

Just Jay you crack me up! This is sooo true!

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