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Just Jay's Playlist

Post  justjay - admin on Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:20 am

I'm notoriously weird and picky about music, so I don't have a whole lot on my list, but I'll share it.

1 - The Apples in Stereo

From Myspace:
The Apples in Stereo are the indie-rock flag wavers of sunny pop. Formed in 1993 in Denver, Colorado, they have created a mesmerizing series of heavenly, effects-drenched, pop milkshakes. Their discography includes eight full-length recordings and mini-masterpieces such as the Let's Go! EP, a homage to the cartoon super-heroines, The Powerpuff Girls.

2 - Bad Veins

Just saw these guys last night and man was I blown away. If you want to hear some of the best indy pop I've personally heard in years, get their new album!

From Amazon:
Indie-band Bad Veins consists of singer-songwriter-guitarist-keyboardist Benjamin Davis and drummer Sebastein Schultz, augmented live by a reel-to-reel player affectionately referred to as "Irene". In that simple line-up, the band brings an amazing array of sounds.

3 - Black Kids

From Amazon:
Rolling Stone named "Artists to Watch" in 2008. `Partie Traumatic' was produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler and is choc-full of equally effervescent pop songs just waiting to be heard. Judging by their live shows the song is an indie disco anthem in the making. A dash of disco, a dash or two of heartbreak and a rousing chorus, what else do you need?

4 - Crass

Love this old trash punk from across the pond!

5 - Jake Speed and the Freddies

This local bluegrass bands is one of my favorites to listen to when I'm writing.

6 - MGMT

From Amazon:
Here is a band that treats dizzy cross-eyed awe and a vast bounding sense of sonic weightlessness as their yardstick, jostling to surpass themselves on a track-by-track basis and aiming for the musical equivalent of performing somersaults in tye-dye t-shirts off the rings of Jupiter. MGMT seemingly submit this debut album as an application to acquire and even supersede The Flaming Lips' previously uncontested mantle as spiritual leaders of over-sized Technicolor psychedelic-indie with a soul, weird but not so weird that swelling crowds and even flirtations with the charts aren't a foregone conclusion.

7 - Of Montreal

When people ask me who my favorite band is, I usually say these folks. Its pretty much impossible to explain them, although my buddy mark came close when he said "They sound like an indie-disco-emo version of Mindless Self Indulgence!" So that's how I explain them now.

8 - Portishead

9 - Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot combine Arcade Fire's orchestral reveries with Vampire Weekend's pop sensibility for an album that's both effervescent and heartbreaking.

10 - She and Him

Some of us first fell in love with Zooey Deschanel's distinctive and charming voice when she crooned, "Baby it’s cold outside," with Will Ferrell in their 2003 movie, Elf. Then, in concert last summer, M.Ward invited Deschanel to the stage, where they effortlessly created the equivalent of musical utopia. In their first recorded collaboration as She & Him, Deschanel and Ward strike the same sincerity with his nostalgic production and her retro resonance. Cover songs such as "You Really Got a Hold on Me," previously performed by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, gain a newfound heartache and undeniable splendor.

11 - Talking Heads

12 - Tom Waits

13 - Vampire Weekend

A bunch of kids who formed the band in their Columbia dorm room borrow wholesale from Afrobeat and angular '80s stuff, and they quickly become an online buzz band before releasing a single album? Thankfully the record, and the band, are great fun: playful, pop-wise, and smart enough to pull their shtick off with aplomb. Organ and drums are often the focal point of the music, bringing to mind a goofier, happier Clinic (if that group's record-collecting habits were more scattershot). It's clear that these dudes have not only inherited the nerd-rock omnivore's mantle from the Talking Heads, they've actually and already improved upon it.

14 - We Versus the Shark

We versus the shark has already built a well-deserved reputation for attacking the stylistic boundaries that have fenced in less brave indie artists. Objectively though, having genre-hopping influences and a creativity-first ideology is not necessarily a unique notion amongst the independent rock community at large. We versus the shark provide the listener with heavy rock riffs, disco’ed out rhythms, odd time, abrasive synths, harsh screams and airy counterpoint which all leave their indelible footprint by track three. Textured arrangements, complete with percussive breaks, handclaps, foot stomps, and three very distinctive vocalists make listening a near contact sport as the explosive energies of the group pound the listener to near exhaustion before darting forward in refreshing, unanticipated directions.

15 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Discovered in the wake of the Strokes' popularity and the subsequent garage rock revival, New York's art punk trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are comprised of singer Karen O, guitarist Nicolas Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase.

16 - You You're Awesome

Saw them last night with Bad Veins and all I can say is WOW. Back to back it was a really cool experience.
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Re: Just Jay's Playlist

Post  louisedollie on Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:07 pm

Nice list! I haven't heard of most of it. Out of everything I like The Apples in Stereo, MGMT, Of Montreal, and Vampire Weekend. You're making me want to do a list now!

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