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Post  juliann*aka*JEW! on Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:46 am

(howard was fishing in a lake when he pulled something out of the water*aka* <OLD GREG>)
Old Greg- watcha doing in my waters?
howard- just taking the air you know. not fishing!
Old Greg- then how come this hooks in my head fool?
howard- its nothing to do with me sir.
Old Greg- its attached to your rod Motha-licka!!
howard- dont kill me! i've got so much to give.
OLD Greg- easy now fuzzy little man peach. hmm. ever drank baileys from a shoe?
howard- what??
Old Greg- Want to come to a club were people wee on each other?
howard- uh no.
Old Greg- im gonna hurt you!
howard- excuse me?
Old Greg- I like you. what do you think of me?
howard- i dont rightly know sir.
Old Greg- dont lie to me boy! i know what your thinking. here comes old greg he's a scaley man fish. you dont know me! you dont know what i got! i got something to show yah. (stands up and lifts skirt) you know what that is? thats Old Gregs vagina! i've got a mangina! IM OLG GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Post  amanda on Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:05 pm


Sometimes the stuff that comes out of that brain of yours frightens me and makes me giggle at the same time!?!

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