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Post  justjay - admin on Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:48 am

Last night's Dream.

I'm in court. I'm not exactly certain what I did wrong, but it appears that I know I'm guilty. Whatever I did, I know that I could get up to 5 years for it. Apparently whatever it was, it was circumstantial, and I remember feeling like I was a bit of the victim.
A woman judge comes in and sits down. Court begins. She's really mean to me. Every time I try to explain myself or the situation she turns it back on me and things get worse. People laugh at me. They make ME the villain. The session feels like it lasts forever.

Finally she is ready to deliver the sentence. In a huge surprise decision, she completely circumvent the use of imprisonment and instead sentences me to eat a really big steak. It is as big as the one that John Candy has to eat in The Great Outdoors. I begin eating.

At some point my Aunt Chris comes over and tries to sneak and eat some of the steak but I yell at her and tell her that I could have gotten 5 years!! And I might still get it if she doesn't stop!

I finish the steak and wonder out of the court into an amusement park.
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