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Post  justjay - admin on Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:29 pm

The Switching Channels Forum is a privilege.

We're trying to grow a Television community from the ground up that is both fun and informative, so in participating you're helping us do that, and we love you for it. Unless, of course, you're one of these folks:


Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who lack any sort of common sense, so we'd like to hereby state some ground rules on what we definitely don't want to see on the Forums. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you'd like to file a complaint against a user. We will respect your privacy and investigate the matter as soon as possible.


The poster will be warned by email after the first offense. If there is a second occurrence, the poster will be banned from the Forums indefinitely and his/her IP will be blocked. Banned users may appeal the block by contacting us via email.

OUR USAGE GUIDELINES - It's Not Rocket Science

1. Don't haze or hate on new users (see Rule 5). Remember when you were new? Treat newcomers with the same respect we afforded you. Please don't cause unnecessary drama -- we are a community, not a clique.

2. Our Forums are open to all user-generated content with the exception of porn, homophobia and racism, all of which will be removed immediately without consulting the poster beforehand. No questions asked. Expect a swift kick in the ass if you ignore this rule.

3. If you feel that you need to put profanity in the titles of your posts, please censor yourself and don't be a f*cking *sshole about it. If your post is NSFW, please put that at the end of your post title so that those reading the forums at work can do so safely. Title aside, you can use profanity within the body of the post; however we encourage you to practice good judgment in its use.

4. Don't flood the Forums with inside jokes, one-word posts, and other nonsense that might be considered trolling or spamming. Put actual effort into your posts. Repeated spamming will likely earn you a warning. Advice on this subject is best summed up in a short and sweet manner: Don't be a dick.

5. Causing drama, being a negative douche bag, inciting spam wars in the comments and creating multiple accounts are also grounds for banning (etc).

6. Obviously, people can and will still find some way of sucking while abiding by these rules, so this list will continue to grow as need be. Above all, you can avoid the ban-hammer by acting responsibly, being respectful, and so on.

7. If you desire to post spoilers, then please make it clear in the title and beginning of your post that you are posting spoilers. Also, do not post spoilers in the comments in other peoples posts without a warning. People who are caught posting spoilers in a malicious way will be banned.

8. Discussion of Piracy or anything related to Piracy is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, File Sharing, P2P Networks, Bit Torrents, IRC Channels, etc.

9. If you have any problems, suggestions, questions etc about these rules, please post them in the comments below and we will discuss them as a community.

10. Remember that anything you say is considered fair game for the podcast. So if you don't want something repeated on the air, let us know in the post.

Above all else: HAVE FUN! DON'T FAIL/SUCK!
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