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Post  B Hatchet on Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:11 pm

Name of Show: Less is Moore

Genre: Crime Dram-edy

Channel: USA Network

Tagline: Quit, while you're a head!

Plot Summary: When Detective Reggie Moore was injured in the line of duty, everyone thought his career as a cop was over. His injuries paralyzed him from the neck down, making the man a burden on his partner. However, Moore undergoes an experimental full-body amputation. Now, instead of being a 200lb invalid, he's a lean, mean 12lb thinking machine.

His old partner, Jimmy Mulroany, rejects him, not seeing how the formerly rough-and-tumble detective would be of any use as a portable head. No doubt, no longer being able to kick down doors frustrates Moore. His accident has changed his perspective, though, and he sees there are other ways to solve crime, and sees value in people others have written off as lost causes.

Enter Officer Jenny Martinez, the hot-headed, and just plain hot, Hispanic beat cop. She's pissed off everyone in the PD with her blunt honesty and uncompromising integrity. No one wants to be her partner, even though she's due to be bumped up to Detective. No one, that is, except a fellow lost-cause, Moore.

When Does it come on?
Day: Wed
Time: 10:00pm

Donnie Whalberg as Reggie Moore

Monique Gabriela Curnen as Jenny Martinez

Giovanni Ribisi as Jimmy Mulroany

Avery Brooks as The Captain

Memorable Line or Scene:

Mulroany: Look, Moore. It isn't personal...

Moore: Jimmy, you're bailing on me because I'm just a head. That's a personal as it gets!

Mulroany: Fine, if you wanna be sore about it... Look at it this way, you lost your body, but you got a partner with the hottest body on the force. (Looks at Martinez) Isn't that right sweetheart?

Martinez: Watch your mouth, or else...

Mulroany: Or else what? You're just a chick and a head. What are you going to do?

(Martinez picks up Moore from the bench and hucks him at Mulroany. Moore delivers a flying headbutt, soccer-hooligan-style. Mulroany falls unconscious, with Moore landing on his chest. Moore winks at Martinez.)

Moore: I guess he didn't expect you to give him head!
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Less is Moore Empty Re: Less is Moore

Post  justjay - admin on Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:13 pm


Ent. Jenny Martinez. The Captain looks up from a newspaper with a scowl on his face. Cut to Close up on Martinez.

Jenny Martinez:
You wanted to see me, sir.

The Captain [Off Camera]:
Goddamnit Martinez how many goddamn times do I have to call you down here to the goddamn office before you find time in your busy schedule to humor me? And what did I tell you about playing basketball on the goddamn tax payers bill goddamn it!?

Jenny Martinez:
It's not a basketball sir.

Quick pullback to reveal Martinez cradeling Reggie Moore under her arm. His skin is darker than usual.

Reggie Moore:
It's me sir. Although I can see how you could make that mistake since SOMEBODY [Reggie glares at Martinez] forgot they left me in the tanning bed yesterday.

Jenny Martinez:
15 years of siestas and I'm supposed to give it up like that! [Martinez snaps her finger.]

Reggie Moore:
Well it was pretty easy for me to give up walking! You don't see me making any excuses!

Jenny Martinez:
Pfft. Like you had a choice. Big words for someone so.. TINY!

Reggie Moore:
That really hurt Marinez. You know, I may not have a heart, but it can still be broken just the same.

Jenny Martinez:
Awe, I'm sorry. How about I buy you a hotdog later and--

The Captain:
I hate to interupt this little love session, but we have bigger fish to fry! The gang situation in the South District has escalated and we fear that soon it will be coming to a head. No offense Moore.

Reggie Moore:
None taken.
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